After another conference meeting, you feel really exhausted. You may wonder if it’s actually a real thing. To feel exhausted by just watching the screen of your device and listening attentively to what’s being spoken about. You didn’t do anything vigorous or stressful but yet you feel stressed out. Well, you may be experiencing what is called zoom fatigue. And yes, it’s a real thing. Zoom fatigue is simply the tiredness and exhaustion that comes after a video conference like a zoom meeting conference. It’s a psychological issue caused as a result of your brain being stressed out by your full attentiveness. Unlike having a live interaction where other senses are being used. The brain is the dominant organ used here which ends up leading to weird fatigue.

But how do you know if you are suffering from zoom fatigue and if you are, how can you minimize or stop it? Let’s consider the following:

  • Causes of zoom fatigue
  • Symptoms of zoom fatigue
  • How to combat zoom fatigue.

Causes of zoom fatigue:

Zoom fatigue happens after regular video conferencing activities. 

  1. Frequent video conferencing
  2. Long-duration video conferencing
  3. Little it no rest time in between the video conference

Symptoms of Zoom fatigue:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Feeling stressed out or exhausted
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Forgetfulness
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Weakness and pains
  • Not being motivated
  • Feeling of frustration
  • Feeling of anger

How to combat zoom fatigue:

  1. Make your video conferences more fun:

Try adding things you like to do while on your video conferences. You could add one of your favorite snacks close by and sneak some bites while attending the video conference. This would put your mind in lesser tension and make it’s easier for you.

  1. Take breaks:

 there can be too much of everything. When you feel a certain meeting isn’t so necessary or important, you can risk skipping it for your mental health. You can also decide to watch a recorded video of it instead in your own free time. 

  1. Do other fun activities:

Your brain would also need breaks too so try to add other fun things or things you enjoy doing to your schedule in your free time. You could also schedule other fun meetings too.

  1. Incorporate physical activities into your free time: 

Create time to do other physically active things like hiking, biking, joking, running, and likes. This would keep not just your mental health fit and active, but also your physical health.

You can also try pain relief supplements like the kyolic garlic extract stress and fatigue relief that contains aged garlic extract, GABA, vitamins B1, B6, and B12 specially made to improve mental, emotional, and physical health.


Zoom fatigue is a thing and is caused by the brain being overstressed. Just as the body can be stressed out, the brain too can. This leads to fatigue. You can tell if you have been suffering from this by the above points and if you are, take the necessary steps to reduce or stop it.