The Best Religion and Political Quote for Family Gatherings During the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a time when families get together to share a meal and some loving memories of the past while making new ones. However, some family holiday gatherings are often marred by differences in politics and religious beliefs, and by family members who feel the need to discuss one or the other or both.

I’d even be willing to bet that there are people out there who spend hours on the internet trying to find the best religion and political quote for family gatherings during the holidays. To those people I submit that the very best religion and political quote is the one you never say. 

While I agree that the holidays are a time to live your religious beliefs, I don’t agree that you need to discuss those beliefs during your family gatherings. Let it be enough to love thy brother without feeling the need to beat him over the head with your religious and political beliefs. Those are discussions that are best left for another time and place. Here’s why.

Leave Religion and Politics Out of the Holidays

A Quote Won’t Change Anyone’s Mind and Will Only Cause Hard Feelings

Even if you were to come with the best religion and politics quote in the world, that quote wouldn’t change anyone’s mind and could result in an argument that would leave those family members not involved in the actual discussion feeling uncomfortable. And the simple fact is that when most people say they want to discuss religion or politics, what they really mean is that they want you to listen to their views without having to listen to yours.

Holiday Gatherings Should Be a Time to Bond, Not Divide

Holiday gatherings should be a time for members of a family to bond with one another and to share a few laughs and a lot of love; it should not be a time for division. Even though those divisions may be there, they should not be the focus of a family holiday gathering.

So show up at that family gathering prepared to share good cheer and well wishes and enjoy a day free of negative feelings and strife. (We all have enough of that in our daily lives!)

But Shouldn’t Christmas Be All About Christ?

If you are a Christian, you are already asking yourself the question “Shouldn’t Christmas be all about Christ?” We are not suggesting that you leave your Christian beliefs behind during the holiday season. There is certainly nothing wrong with your celebrating your beliefs or even saying a silent prayer over your dinner. But, you can keep Christ in your heart without feeling the need to insist that your religion is the only the right one when you are with family members who may be of a different religious faith.

Instead, try practicing a little Peace on Earth this holiday season, and keep that religion and political quote to yourself during your family gathering. You’ll find that you, as well as those around you, will enjoy the holiday gathering a whole lot more.

Happy Holidays!