Michelle Obama Traits That Every Woman in Politics Should Respect

During former U.S. President Barack Obama’s 8 years in office, people all around the nation had plenty of opportunities to study the fast facts about his wife, the former first lady, Michelle Obama, and discover many traits that made her stand out from most other first ladies in history. Here are some of the Michelle Obama traits that female politicians should revere and respect.

6 Michelle Obama Traits

Any woman looking to be successful in the political arena should learn how these Michelle Obama traits.

Strong Character

Many women in politics tend to play down their strong character in order to compete in what some have referred to as “a man’s world,” but Michelle Obama showed that a woman of strong character had the capacity to motivate, inspire, and even call others to take action. Her strong stance on social issues and her belief in standing up for her beliefs and living her values (such as promoting physical and mental health) earned her the respect of men and women alike.


One of Michelle Obama’s greatest traits was her ability to show compassion. Showing compassion to the people around you touches people’s hearts and makes for a very inspiring and influential leader, because people are drawn to people who have the ability to feel and show compassion for others and their problems and needs.


All women in politics should respect the Michelle Obama traits of self-confidence and self-esteem. The former first lady had the belief in herself and her abilities to allow her to move forward and achieve the goals she set throughout most of her life, and she did so without any arrogance or attitude, which left the people in the nation admiring her confidence and believing in her abilities.


Michelle Obama faced many difficult situations in her life that she overcame simply through her perseverance. Not only did this woman talk about her struggles, but she also encouraged others to persevere and come out on the other side stronger and more confident in themselves.


Another one of Michelle Obama’s traits that should be admired is honesty. She was not afraid to admit her strengths and her weaknesses and the unique ability to show that honesty about oneself and her beliefs made her feel more human and relatable.

Her Ability to Relate to Others

Michelle Obama showed the world that the ability to relate to others was an important trait to possess. Every woman in the U.S. found something in Michelle Obama they could relate to, which in turn made them like and trust this former first lady. It is difficult to get people to follow you if you can’t relate to them and they are unable to relate to you, and Michelle Obama showed the value of being relatable to the world.

Michelle Obama’s traits were so admired that when her husband’s term as president was over, there were those who wanted her to run for the highest office in the country because of her many accomplishments. Although she declined, any woman in politics who wants to go far in their own political career should take note of those traits of the former first lady and work to develop some of those traits themselves.