Magnesium Powder Smoothie to Help You Relax

Smoothies are considered to be more beneficial than milkshakes because they’re typically made with fruits and veggies, delivering essential vitamins and minerals to your body in a convenient and delicious beverage. To get even more nutrients in your breakfast smoothie, try adding a supplement powder, such as protein for energy or magnesium for mental clarity, a happy mood, and focus!

Even if you got a good night’s sleep, you may wake up tired and sluggish. Help boost your mood and stay alert by adding a powdered magnesium supplement from Klaire Labs or Thorne Research to your morning smoothie! Just pour, blend, and enjoy!

Magnesium in Foods?

Many individuals face depression and anxiety every once in a while, making it hard to complete daily tasks. Instead of taking mood-enhancing prescription medicine or mind-altering drugs, why not choose a natural mineral supplement – magnesium? 

There are foods that contain magnesium naturally, which support healthy brain activity, such as avocado, spinach, or quinoa. A smoothie made with natural ingredients works great for your overall wellbeing and mental prosperity. 

Flax seeds are among the most prestigious source of magnesium. They are additionally wealthy in mitigating omega 3 essential fatty acids and antioxidants that are basic in upgrading your balance of hormones. In regulating mood and reduce anxiety, hormonal balance plays an important role. So adding flax seeds to your smoothie, in addition to magnesium powder, may help support your overall wellbeing!

Almond milk can likewise be wealthy in magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D. It is delicious and creamy like dairy milk, but it is dairy-free and lower in calories.

Why Take a Magnesium Supplement?

However, if you don’t like those foods, magnesium supplements can help too! Magnesium supplements are easy, convenient, and can be mixed with your favorite smoothie recipe for added potential health benefits.

Either way, utilize a top-notch blender (such as the Vitamix) that can deal with whole foods, ice, and powdered ingredients. A decent blender is an interest in your wellbeing. When you utilize one, you can appropriately blend green vegetables, nuts, and seeds, which are ordinarily wealthy in magnesium that reduce anxiety and promote serenity.

Whatever ingredients you choose, you can make a perfect smoothie – just don’t forget to add a pinch of magnesium powder!