Can You Lose Weight Faster if You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

All the men in the building need to calm down. This article would be more specific to women. So like a lot of different women, I started drinking alcohol during the first year I spent in college. During those drinking sessions, a lot of stupid things were done. Luckily strong coffees always handled the issues but it wasn’t able to fix the rate at which I gained so much weight.

What I’m trying to say is, irrespective of the time you started drinking alcohol, the quick answer to this question (Can You Lose Weight Faster if You Stop Drinking Alcohol?) is that you could lose weight and you could also gain weight. Please let me explain.

How you can Lose Weight even after you stop the Consumption of Alcohol 

If you stop drinking alcohol and you start eating healthy meals, you start going to the gym, you start working out and you start responsibly taking care of your body, that fat and weight are going to run away. It is going to run as fast as possible away from you. So that’s the trick. Don’t get me wrong. Consumption of alcohol has more ways than one in making you gain weight or looking fat. But it is not the only thing that contributes to this weight gain thing. If you just stop taking alcohol and you continue eating a lot of junk and food that would not help your body in any way, trust me you are still going to remain fat, ugly, and uncomfortable.

How you can Gain Weight even after you stop the Consumption of Alcohol 

Like I was stating earlier if you decide to stop your consumption of alcohol and you still eat junk, you are going to remain overweight. I have a friend of mine that one lovely afternoon she decided to stop taking alcohol. Then I asked her what her reasons were. She said she didn’t like the smell of alcohol and she was taking it because of her friends around. But noticing that she didn’t like it, she has decided to stop. I also asked her if it had anything to do with the fact that she is overweight a little bit depressed. She agreed that these were part of the reasons. Then I told her that if she wants to fully lose weight, dropping alcohol is one of the first steps to take, but it isn’t everything. She should also consume meals healthily and start working out. She took my advice to heart, went on a keto diet, and has been working out since. Now she has lost weight, is more positive and she’s living a better more productive life. Can you see how dropping alcohol, living better, and healthier has helped this friend of mine?

I would like you to be a friend of mine. I would love for you to take very good care of yourself.