Books on HIV And AIDS

December is World AIDS Month, and December 1 is World AIDS Day. Educate yourself on the history of this disease and the advancements that have since been made in the medical field. 

HIV/AIDS has been one of the most devastating diseases in our lifetime, so informing ourselves about this disease and learning how various individuals deal with learning they have contracted HIV or are suffering from full blown AIDS is well worth spending some time reading.

Here are three exceptional books on HIV and AIDS that are well worth reading for various groups of people.

3 Must-Read Books on HIV and AIDS

2018 Adult HIV/AIDs Treatment Guide by John G. Bartlett and Paul A. Pham

This pocket-sized book is a must-read for any medical personnel who treat patients suffering from HIV/AIDS. The two authors have 20-30 years treating people with AIDS and cover such topics as treatment options, medications, and other important information. Medical professionals will find this book worth reading. In addition, some patients with HIV or AIDS may also find this book informative and help them to become more proactive in their own health care.

HIV/AIDS Why Me? by Karcian Suragh

HIV/AIDS Why Me? is a good book to give to older teenagers and young adults, since this book contains real life stories of individuals who tell how they contracted AIDS/HIV. This book avoids using scare tactics and instead focuses on discussions about the types of behaviors that put them at risk and may result in their positive diagnosis.

The book brings home the fact that no one is immune from this disease, and the only way to reduce the risk of contacting this devastating disease in think through your actions before engaging in some of these behaviors such as drug use and unprotected sex.

Remaking a Life by Celeste Watkins-Hayes

In many ways, this is an inspirational and uplifting book that every woman should read. The book tells the story of how changing your mindset from being someone suffering with AIDS to being someone living with this disease can give women the courage and determination to confront and tackle the problem of inequality.

While the book does deal with AIDS, it goes deeper showing women how life-changing events can empower them to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

In addition, reading books on HIV and AIDS is a much-needed reminder that even though this disease no longer is making big headlines in the news, the disease is still very much with us, and having some knowledge of the disease and how it is contacted can help us all to live safer and longer lives.

These books also bring home the fact that this is not a disease that runs rampant among any specific group of people, but that can affect the lives of any of us, and those with this disease are deserving of our understanding and our deepest and most honest compassion.