divide and conquer

Divide and Conquer

That’s Obama’s personal motto and political strategy. ‘The rich’ vs. ‘the poor,’ ‘the patient’ vs. ‘the doctor,’ ‘the cop’ vs. ‘you.’ William Kristol touched on this subject in a recent blogpost (for the Washington Post). Read it.

Divide and conquer can be extremely useful. Caesar used it – and for good reasons. Machiavelli also told his superiors to use it (albeit moderately so). And again for good reason.

D&C works.

That is, unless you use it constantly. Once people see through it, it is not merely useless but counterproductive. They’ll stop trusting you. Obama has to be careful, he cannot afford to alienate doctors, insurance companies and patients. He needs at least two of those groups to back his efforts to reform America’s health care system.

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  1. Interested

    July 25th, 2009 at 04:24

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    The absolute best Q&A I’ve read on this poor poor plan.

    Will whatever health care bill is produced by Congress increase the deficit? “Of course.” Will it mean tax increases? “Of course.” Will it mean new fees or fines? “Probably.” Can I afford it right now? “No, I’m already getting clobbered.” Will it make the marketplace freer and better? “Probably not.” Is our health care system in crisis? “Yeah, it has been for years.” Is it the most pressing crisis right now? “No, the economy is.” Will a health-care bill improve the economy? “I doubt it.”

    That’s running through mainstream America.

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